Coimbatore Food Fest - 2018

Coimbatore Food Fest
Jan 05, 2018 Location: Coimbatore

Coimbatore experienced a well-planned 3-day Food Festival from 5th-7th January 2018 at VOC Ground. The event which was organized by Hotel Owner’s Association attracted participation of 60 caterers, pharmaceutical products, hotels and automobiles wholesalers who set up separate kiosks for displaying their products. Our LPG being an essential part of tasty cooking did pull up a lot of crowd both in domestic and commercial segments.

A whopping crowd of 50,000 people gathered for the event daily which enhanced our brand visibility and paved the way for an excellent brand promotion. We were enthralled to see people visiting our kiosk and enquiring about our products. We stand committed to our brand promises of Leading, Seamless, Caring, Safe, Sustainable and Local. Quite a fulfilling start of 2018!