Chalakudy Festival: An Occasion to Get Closer to Customers

Chalakudy Festival
Feb 03, 2018 Location: Chalakudy, Kerala

As a part of getting closer to Customers, we participated in the Chalakudy Fest 2018 a three-day affair  from 3rd-5th February at Market Ground, Chalakudy, Thrissur District, Kerala. Amongst several products from health and automobile industries, we showcased our brand through Domestic and Commercial LPG cylinders, i.e. 2kg, 4kg cylinders with cook top, 12kg and 17kg cylinders. It was an apt occasion for reaching out to people and we were happy to see people visiting our kiosk and enquiring about our products and services. Some of the existing Customers also shared their happy experiences and truly as said “A Happy Customer is more than a Brand Ambassador “, we live by that and let our actions speak about the same.