Bulk Transporters Meet - 2019

May 08, 2019 Location: Hyderabad

The Bulk Transporter meet conducted last year gave some positive results and encouraged by the same we conducted the phase 2 of the  Bulk Transporter meet on 8th of May with the theme  “Advancing LPG Transport Safety Together”. 

The workshop had a lot of insights to unravel; all our tankers are fitted with working seatbelts and valid fire extinguishers. Any tankers above the age of 15 years were stopped from operating for SUPERGAS and all the driver licenses are validated through Government portals. The transporters also shared their experiences and suggestions for a safe and effective transportation management. Overall  the meet is going to bring more effective and safe practices as a  daily routine for all our transporters and us . Truly we can say “Advancing LPG Transport Safety Together”.