Why Should FORGING Industries Switch to LPG Now?

Nov 07,2019

Forging is a process where metals are shaped by applying localized compressive forces either through a hammer and anvil or using a die. The heart of the forging operations involves a forge which is a  type of hearth used for heating metals for the forging process.

Now there are many types of fuels used for forging but they all lack in a lot of things which affects the overheads, end product quality and environment as well. The major culprits are the solid and liquid fuels which not only does the above mentioned but also damages the environment in the process. Now the major question pops up. Is there any solution for this?

Yes. Switch to an alternate fuel which can create the difference, which is none other than LPG.?

LPG’s properties are wholesome in nature and addresses right from the cost factor to the environment factor.

  1. Cost effective: For a sustainable future and reduced overheads, LPG is a fuel to be considered. Compared with the most common fuel like HSD, this is definitely a profitable deal. Additional costs like maintenance costs and downtime etc. will come down which will positively impact the bottom line of the organization.
  2. Higher calorific value: LPG has a high calorific value of 10,900 Kcal/Kg with a power packed punch to knock out other fuels off the table.
  3. Lower Pollution: Surprised? Well, it’s true. The amount of carbon content released while using  LPG is less compared to diesel or LDO or Furnace oil or other liquid fuels. LPG is a mixture of butane and propane in different proportions. Thus the lower amount of carbon will contribute to less CO2 being formed; thus effectively reducing pollution.
  4. Precise Temperature control: This is a blessing, especially for the forging industries. The forging industry requires controlled heating for various batches and LPG gives you the option for the same
  5. Higher end product quality: LPG for industry is a boon in many forms because the above discussed facts helps in churning out the best end product  With less rejection rate.

Now that you’ve a fair bit of an idea as to why LPG will be the better fuel for forging, we are sure you would be interested to know more on how you can adapt to the same. Call us on 9121177930 or drop in your online enquiry https://www.supergas.com/online-enquiry and we will love to show you how LPG can benefit you further.