Why LPG Is The Preferred Fuel For Galvanization

Jul 19,2019

Galvanizing is a surface coating process for various industrial and commercial requirements.  In Galvanizing, the metal is coated with a protective layer of Zinc which acts as a barrier to prevent oxidation. The most common method of galvanizing is hot dip galvanization.

Galvanizing process requires time, effort and the right fuel to make sure the process happens seamlessly. Many old manufacturing units use the  liquid fuels like FO, LDO and HSD for galvanizing which have a major disadvantage. They not only affect the quality but the cost and environment also. Now the question that pops up in everyone’s mind is “which is the best fuel for Galvanizing“. The simplest answer is LPG and we will give you 5 reasons as to why LPG is the preferred fuel.

Reduced fuel cost: The calorific value of LPG is way higher than all the liquid fuels. This will create an advantage as to process more with less time. Considering the parameters of calorific value, heat transfer efficiency and unit fuel cost, overall LPG works out to be   less costly as compared other fuels.


Reduced Carbon Footprint:  LPG releases lower amount of carbon dioxide  compared to other fuels. Thus, LPG promotes for a greener future in the long run. Check out this video for more information.


Lower MaintenanceLower maintenance: LPG unlike liquid fuels enjoy a complete combustion that is closer to stoichiometric values. Thus the combustion systems are free of soot and carbon particle formations. Hence combustion system (burners and furnaces) require less maintenance.


Higher productivity: Because of the better calorific value, the number of batches processed using LPG is substantially higher when compared to the same with liquid fuels ; thus  enhancing  the productivity.


Better finished product quality: The possibility of direct heating exists with LPG. This increases the heat transfer efficiency of the system thereby providing uniform heating to the batches resulted in better quality in the final product


Sounds interesting? But who can provide LPG for galvanizing application? You can rely on SUPERGAS and they are one of the most preferred LPG  suppliers in the Industrial segment. Let me tell you some more on how SUPERGAS can be the best LPG provider for galvanizing applications.

  • One Stop LPG Solution: SUPERGAS takes care of Conversion to LPG ( from other fuels) , System design and Engineering and Annual Maintenance. You just need to hand over your requirements and rest will be handled by their experts. They will bring in the optimized system for your requirements.
  • Superior grade LPG: SUPERGAS uses Straight Run grade LPG which is free from heavier hydrocarbons and other impurities. This will in turn enhance the final product quality and lowers the maintenance of the combustion system.
  • Uninterrupted LPG Supply: SUPERGAS has access to 6 terminals and operates 21+ filling plants. They have a dedicated fleet of tankers and delivery trucks with the best in house supply chain management systems in place. Seamless supply is guaranteed!
  • Operational and Safety Training: SUPERGAS is the knowledge leader in LPG and its parent organization SHV Energy N.V., emphasizes very much on safety that is imbibed in its working and value system. It strives to educate and demonstrate  both to its customers and other stakeholders about the importance of safety and the safety measures that need to be taken care.
  • 24 X 7 Support: SUPERGAS engineers and support team are well equipped to handle any emergencies 24 X 7 and will be just a call away whenever there is a need.

Interested for a discussion or want to know more on why SUPERGAS is the best LPG supplier in the country?  Call to Team SUPERGAS on 9121177930 or drop in your online enquiry https://www.supergas.com/online-enquiry and our team will love to discuss further.