Why Auto LPG is a Preferred Fuel for Vehicles?

SUPERGAS Auto LPG Aug 28,2019

With rapid climatic change and degrading quality of the environment, is there a quick low-hanging fruit which can make the vehicular pollution minimal?  The solution lies in the form of LPG-The Exceptional Energy.

When compared to rest of the fossil fuels the amount of CO2 released by LPG is  negligible. The reasons why LPG is a better option for your vehicle are .

  • A safe fuel
  • It’s cheaper compared to Petrol, Diesel and even electricity
  • It improves engine life and reduces engine noise and vibrations
  • Availability of Auto LPG is there in the major cities and it’s expanding
  • It cannot be tampered with and is a pure fuel
  • The LPG conversion kit is available at an affordable rate. More over OEMs too are offering LPG vehicles.

The future possibilities of Auto LPG is on the high and rise with a prediction of almost 3 million vehicles to grace the roads of NCR alone. Extrapolate that for the whole country, you might get the bigger picture. What more, the Auto LPG segment is recording a global growth rate of 10% year on year and a major chunk is from India.

This is the right opportunity to invest in an auto LPG station and reap the associated benefits. To become a SUPERGAS Auto LPG franchisee, click this link.

For more details on Auto LPG, check this link.