We have a different Brand Story to Tell

SUPERGAS Brand Values Jun 29,2018

Did you notice a change in our logo? I am sure you would have! It’s Jan 2017 when we switched to our new logo & it’s across the globe. What does our logo and brand signifies?

Being into an energy business, our focus is on customers. We consider our brand to be our most sought after asset and a catalyst for our business. Our brand serves as an enabler for our business and helps us to realize our propositions. It stands for our values and shapes our identity. 

Brand Values:


Brand values form the very foundation on which our brand is built. We have six brand promises of CARING, SEAMLESS, LEADING, LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE and SAFE that expresses what we share and give us guidance.


We care about our customers, communities, business partners and about supplying cleaner energy.


We provide a seamless experience ensuring peace of mind for our customers.


We are leading the market and meeting its challenges


We are close to our customers and business partners


We work hard to increase energy efficiency and reduce our environmental impact.


Safety of our entire supply chain is our number one priority.

We are a Customer centric company and wishes to excel in this. Whatever we do Customer is at the nucleus of everything. We listen to understand his needs and create solutions around him. Our new purpose is “Advancing Energy Together “and we have been driving this to make it a success.