Top 10 Reasons to Switch Over to SUPERGAS LPG as Your Industrial Fuel Today!

switch over to SUPERGAS LPG May 20,2019

LPG, the exceptional energy has been widely recognized  as a  bridge to the  renewable future.  It has a lot of flexibility, convenience and a wide range of application in Industries. Here we are going to check out 10 interesting facts about LPG for industry from SUPERGAS, the best LPG supplier for industry segment.

 Cost effective: We are speaking the truth. For a sustainable growth,  LPG is the best fuel. The overheads will be significantly reduced in terms of fuel cost, fuel usage, maintenance cost and other   associated costs. A bang for the buck, indeed.


 Higher calorific value: LPG has  a high calorific value of 10,900 Kcal/Kg with a power packed punch to knock out other fuels off the table. Combined with efficient portability  over   other fuels, LPG for industry can indeed make a difference.


Lower Pollution: Surprised? Well, it’s true. The amount of carbon content in LPG is less compared to  diesel or LDO or Furnace oil or other liquid fuels. LPG is a mixture of butane and propane in different proportions. Thus the lower amount of carbon will contribute to less CO2 being formed; thus effectively reducing pollution.


 Direct Heating: This is a blessing, especially for the drying industries. The liquid fuels does not give the possibility of direct heating hence generating steam using the liquid fuel and using the  steam to dry is the general practice . With LPG, we can send the fuel directly to the burners and the heat produced can be used in drying applications.


 Process Optimization: Taking cue from the earlier example, switching to LPG effectively removes one step and thus the associated overheads of operating those steam generation   machines are not required. Also, removing one step from the process will definitely reduce the cycle time and bottleneck probability is also reduced. As such as consistent temperature   are achieved at a lesser time, overall productivity goes up.


 Temperature control: The temperature can be controlled with precision based on the flow of LPG. The ability to service applications ranging from almost 50°C to more   than 1000°C with precise temperature control does indeed make LPG the ideal and preferred fuel for many application



Prolonged life for combustion system: LPG as a fuel burns very close to the stoichiometric ratio leading to an almost perfect combustion. This results in   almost nil soot formation. Since nil soot is formed, the combustion system runs perfectly there by effectively reducing

                         a. Downtime

                         b. Maintenance Cost

                          c. Dry-outs

 Low chance of Pilferage: LPG will generally be delivered in cylinders or bulk from SUPERGAS, the best LPG supplier for industry.  Which means that every cylinder will have a seal which has to   be broken to use the cylinder. This seal is indeed a seal of trust put to ensure that the promised quantity of LPG is delivered to your industry. That’s not what it’s like with other fuels ?


 Corrosion in combustion system: Since LPG is less pollutant ,  it won’t corrode the burner and the combustion system like liquid fuels. This will in turn enhance the life, reduce   the  cost of maintenance for combustion systems.


 Higher end product quality: LPG for industry is a boon in many forms because the above discussed facts helps in churning out the best end product thus increasing   your company’s brand image in the long run.


We are sure that you would like to know more about LPG and are waiting with bated breath to switch over to LPG. Call us on 9121177930 or drop in your online enquiry  and we will love to discuss further.