SUPERGAS LPG – The Required Ingredient to Increase the Aluminium Industry Profits!

SUPERGAS LPG for Alucast Jun 10,2019

Aluminium is widely used as it is resistant to corrosion and is of light weight. Hence it is used in  manufacturing of very simple materials like a plate to sensitive materials like aerospace products.

Aluminium heating and melting are critical operations which require precise and controlled environment to operate. So which fuel would be the ideal one? Is it the liquid fuels like Furnace Oil (FO), High Speed Diesel (HSD), Light Diesel Oil (LDO) or LPG or electricity? Let’s have an in-depth look at the various fuel options and then conclude which one would be the most suitable.

HSD is used more often in aluminium melting operations. In this blog we will get to know why LPG for aluminium industry is the better option compared to HSD.

 Fuel cost is reduced by 17-20%: Since LPG has a better calorific value; the amount of LPG that is required to heat the same amount of aluminium is less. Considering the parameters of calorific value, heat transfer efficiency and unit cost, overall LPG works out to be   less costly as compared to HSD. Therefore it’s a profitable switch for  long-term if aluminium casting is switched to LPG.

 Productivity is increased by 33%: The number of billets that can be heated in one hour using LPG is substantially higher when compared to the same with HSD. Hence, productivity will increase.


 Process time is reduced by 25%: This is also the by-product benefits of higher calorific value. And heat transfer efficiency. The amount of time required to heat one billet is reduced therefore; more billets can be processed in less time.

 Longer crucible life due to even and uniform heating: LPG is a fuel which can be used for direct heating. With LPG, we can send the fuel directly to the burners and the heat produced can be used. This provides uniform heating to all the billets in the process line.

Sounds interesting and definitely more questions would be popping up from your side. Let me  tell you some more on how SUPERGAS can be the best LPG provider for alucast applications.

 One Stop LPG Solution: SUPERGAS  takes care of Conversion to LPG, System design and Engineering and Annual Maintenance. You just need to hand over your requirements and rest will be taken care by SUPERGAS  experts. They will bring in the optimized system for your requirements.

 Superior Grade LPG: SUPERGAS uses Straight Run grade LPG which is free from heavier hydrocarbons and other impurities. This will in turn enhance the final product quality and lowers the maintenance of the combustion system.


 Uninterrupted LPG Supply: SUPERGAS  has  access to 6 terminals and operates 20+ filling plants. They  have a dedicated fleet of tankers and delivery trucks with the best in house supply chain management systems in place. Seamless supply is guaranteed!

 Operational and Safety Training: SUPERGAS  are knowledge leaders in LPG and it’s parent organization SHV Energy N.V. , emphasizes very much on safety that it’s imbibed in it’s  working and value system. It  strives to pass both to it’s customers and other stakeholders.


 24 X 7 Support: It’s  engineers and support team are well equipped to handle any emergencies 24 X 7 and will be just a call away whenever there is a need.


Interested for a discussion or want to know more on why SUPERGAS is  the best LPG supplier in the country?  Call to Team SUPERGAS  on 9121177930 or drop in your online enquiry and it’s team  will love to discuss further.