Preventive Maintenance Through AMC: Key to Higher Productivity

Nov 22,2018

Preventive maintenance has always been the answer, not only for better productivity but also a higher and healthier machine life. Preventive maintenance ensures the following.


 Decreases equipment downtime



 Higher asset life



 Higher equipment efficiency



 Cost savings



 Higher safety and reliability


The LPG storage system commonly referred to as the LPG manifold system also requires periodic preventive maintenance. If not done regularly, there is an added safety concern as it may lead to LPG leakage.

Do you want us to help you with the maintenance of your LPG Installation? SUPERGAS offers maintenance service with a structured and professional approach:

  • Done by expert technicians
  • Pre-scheduled maintenance calendar
  • Advance alerts for the maintenance schedule
  • Sharing the maintenance report outlining the issues and corrective measures taken
  • Advisory note for improvement on the maintenance and service of the associated equipment

 The Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC  effectively covers


 LPG Installation inspection



 Replacement of Spares on a chargeable basis



 LPG Leak Test with soap solution.



 Electrical load test for vaporizers



 Total Dissolved Salts check of water



 One Safety Audit



 One Safety training


Overall it’s a win-win for you and SUPERGAS.

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