Maxima LPG Installation- Super Space Saver and Safer

SUPERGAS Maxima Aug 29,2019

LPG is portable, cleaner, safer and a highly energy efficient fuel. It is used in more than 2000 applications. For  factories requiring high consumption, space constraints and ready to go into commissioning at a short time-frame,  simplest solution is to go for  Maxima 450 Kg installation. It’s compact, safe , highly energy efficient and easily available.

Let’s look at the features of Maxima cylinders

Maxima cylinders are made up of High quality steel and adhere to European Safety standards. It has many add-on safety features like:

  • Female quick release coupling with actuator for easy connection/disconnection
  • Rochester gauge: To monitor the liquid level with in the cylinder. 
  • Safety relief valve: To release any excess LPG pressure
  •  Protective hood: To protect the cylinder fittings

The Maxima installation consists of various configurations starting from a 2 cylinder configuration (2X450 Kg) up-to  16 cylinder configuration (16 X 450 Kg). There are different components in the Maxima installation such as EACD, Vapouriser, Pressure regulating station etc.

Pressurized LPG comes out of the cylinder in liquid condition and it passes through a strainer and further goes through an upstream pressure switch which senses the pressure and triggers the solenoid valve for the flow of LPG. The Pressure switches and Solenoid Valves are connected with an Electronic Automatic Changeover Device or EACD in the control room. EACD automatically switches to a standby filled cylinder bank once the working cylinder bank empties.

From the EACD, the LPG flows into the vapouriser to be converted to vapour LPG. Usually electrical vapourisers are used but in Maxima Plus installations, we use a heaterless vapouriser which saves on electricity and works on the principle of thermodynamics. Post this, the vapour moves into a regulating station where the pressure will be regulated based on requirement and sent to the burners.

We also recommend  use  of CGMS + at Maxima Installation site which not only gives an alarm at site but also sends an sms alert  to 10 pre-programmed mobile numbers.

The key benefits of having a Maxima installation are

  • Reduced installation space - 85% ( in comparison to  bulk ) and 60% ( vis-a-vis LOT )
  • Enhanced safety feature: Reduction in joints by 70% compared to conventional LOT systems
  • Huge savings on maintenance and statutory approvals
  • Quick project execution time :  8 - 12 weeks
  • Easy  to handle : 2 people and a pallet trolley
  • Build-Own-Maintain installation model : No need for your storage investment

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