LPG Manifold Safety: 10 Must Do Things!

Apr 19,2019

LPG – the exceptional energy has a wider application as a fuel in Industries. Higher calorific value, lower carbon emissions , lower maintenance of the combustion system , ease of handling and availability are some of the key factors which is making  it the most preferred fuel in the industries. It is also important to be safe when handling any fuels and LPG is no longer an exception in this parameter.

Below, you will find 10  important safety measures to be maintained in your LPG manifold area.


 Flame proof equipments and armoured cables to be used within the LPG yard: LPG just requires a small spark to catch fire. That fire can spread to the electrical panels and cause major   mishaps. The   armoured cables will prevent the sparks from occurring inside the manifold area.


Housekeeping: The most important aspect of manifold safety. Foreign materials like your everyday scrap items, iron rods; empty packaging materials  etc create so many issues during emergency situations. They tend to block the path thereby creating an obstacle for the following

  •  Isolation of leaking cylinders
  •  Room for fire response team and technicians to address the issue
  •   General maintenance of the manifold Improper housekeeping will lead to grave disasters.
  • Also packaging materials are prone to catch fire soon.


 Pneumatic testing of manifold: Air at 17Kg/cm2 should  be passed through the manifold pipeline to check for leaks at least once a year once because it would measure the manifold’s ability to  withstand   pressure.


 Fire Extinguishers: The following table explains on how many fire extinguishers need to be kept in the LPG manifold yard.

S No Capacity of LPG Installations Number of Fire Extinguisher Type


in Kg

i) For installations with LPG      40 kg to 200 kg 2 Dry Powder 10
ii) For installations with LPG more than 200 kg and up to 320 kg 3 Dry Powder 10
iii) For installations with LPG more than 320 kg and up to 1000 kg 4 Dry Powder 10
iv) For installations with LPG  more than 1000 kg 2 numbers for each additional 1000 kg or a fraction thereof. Dry Powder 10
NOTE — For electrical installation 1 NO. carbon dioxide (C02) (4.5 kg capacity) fire extinguisher shall be provided.


 No dry vegetation in the LPG yard: Dry vegetation is the primary perpetrator which catches fire easily. Dry vegetation has to be regularly removed to avoid any fire accidents happening.




 No culverts within one meter of the manifold and no flame source within 3 meters of the manifold: LPG is heavier  than air and  tend to settle down in these culverts which can lead to   vapour cloud   explosions.



 Proper approach road to the manifold: The approach road to the manifold should not be with any potholes and the road has to be smooth. The cylinders are heavy and should  be jolted during   transport.   Similarly if it’s a Bulk installation, there should be clear passage for the tanker movement.



 Earthing test report: Measuring of earthing pit’s resistance  in and around the manifold is  to be done regularly. The resistance has to be less than 1 Ohm. Earthing reduces  the static electricity   caused by   the LPG movement in the manifold.



 No Mobiles Phones to be used  inside the LPG yard: Mobiles are little pocket devils capable of generating a spark. Sparks are enough to complete the fire triangle and cause dangerous   explosions. So   always keep the mobile Phones outside the manifold areas.



 Periodic Maintenance: Prevention is always better than the cure and this is definitely true in case of your LPG manifold. Periodic maintenance reduces or prevents the chance of LPG  leaks.



By follow the above steps, probability of fire accidents would be reduced greatly. To ensure more robustness in safety, you can go ahead in installing SUPERGAS’s Continuous Gas Monitoring System plus which  monitors gas leaks and it  gives an alert, the moment LPG reaches 20% of lower explosive limit. This will ensure that leak is plugged before it can turn into an accident.

 Also SUPERAS provides periodic maintenance through Annual Maintenance  Contract. You too can opt for it for ensuring an interrupted manufacturing and higher safety. Do ensure that your LPG manifold is safer.

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