LPG - The Exceptional Energy

Apr 17,2019

Imagine a future where you don’t wake up to the chirping of birds but to the wailing sirens of an industry? A future where you won’t open the windows to let the sunlight in but keep it shut to keep black pollutants away? Are you willing to see oxygen canisters appear on your monthly grocery lists? Unfortunately, we are moving towards that future because of our actions.

The villain here is Global Warming but the masterminds are the fuels you use daily. 79% of CO2 release is due to transportation, electricity and industrial production. What’s the one factor that’s common in all these three?


Dangerous greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuel is causing the slow death of the world. The unfortunate point is the world is heavily dependent on these polluting  fuels for their daily use.

Is there a way out? Yes. The only way out is to switch over to renewable sources. But still there is one alternative fuel which can be seen as the bridge to a renewable future. Want to know which fuel it is?


Did you know there are many advantages  of LPG that nobody knows? This everyday fuel is going to save us from global warming…

LPG - The unsung hero!

LPG is primarily made up of propane and butane. Check out some quick facts about LPG (Infographics)

  • LPG is odourless, colourless and tasteless. Hence 15-20 ppm of ethyl Mercaptan is added for smell.
  • 1 Drop of liquid LPG expands 250 times!
  • LPG is liquefied under moderate pressure. Hence easy to store and transport.
  • The boiling point of LPG is -28°C for 40% propane and 60% butane mixture.
  • LPG has one of the highest Net calorific value in the fuel family – 10,900Kcal/KgLPG is very low in emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx and suspended particulate matters.

LPG - Industrial fuel

LPG is widely used as industrial fuel for a wide range of applications in various industries. Some of the advantages of LPG as an industrial fuel are <Infographics>

 Reduced fuel cost



 Reduced Carbon Footprint



 Higher productivity



 Better finished product quality



LPG can be used in a lot of industrial applications because of the wide spectrum of temperature range it can achieve. Few of the popular ones are

  • Heat Treatment
  • Aerosol propellant
  • Aluminum melting
  • Endo Gas Generation
  • Powder Coating
  • Case hardening

Further applications can be found in this link. Also check out this video on how LPG really is a better option than those polluting fuels!

<Our LPG-Exceptional Energy video>

LPG - Automotive fuel

Not only Industries, LPG too is an excellent automotive fuel.

Save the environment & get paid for it: Now that’s jackpot. LPG can earn some huge cost savings and save the environment in the process. We are saving a lot of emissions by switching to LPG because LPG is a cleaner fuel when compared to liquid fuels. Assuming the current petrol cost in a city like Hyderabad, a car giving 15 Km mileage in petrol and driving roughly 400 Km every month can save up to Rs.10,000 annually if switched to LPG. Check out SUPERGAS HiDrive calculator for calculating how much you can save every month.

  • It’s good for your engine: There you go! The octane number is very high for LPG compared to petrol. This leads to clean combustion and no soot formation. Zero soot, better engine!
  • Safer compared to all the available fuels: This is quite tough to believe because the world has taught you otherwise. But let me tell you that LPG spills evaporate immediately. Petrol spills catch fire! Also LPG fuel tanks are designed to withstand very high pressure.

The way forward?

Now that you’ve seen what global warming can do to you and how LPG can save us, what are you going to do? Do you want to lie in a green grassy patch with fresh air or do you want your morning view to be that of polluting smokes and gas masks? Your future is in your hands!

Take a step towards making the right choice and if you’ve an industry running on polluting fuels we want you to switch to LPG by submitting an online enquiry to SUPERGAS. If you’ve a petrol car , you can convert the same to Auto gas and you can check out where we have our Autogas stations.

Let’s keep on Advancing Energy Together for a better tomorrow…