LPG: A Beneficial Fuel for your Industry

LPG: A Beneficial Fuel for your Industry Jun 19,2018

LPG also known as an exceptional energy is a clean energy and produces less Carbon dioxide than most of the other industrial fuels like Furnace Oil (FO), Diesel (HSD), Light Diesel Oil (LDO). A low carbon fuel, LPG is primarily a mixture of Propane and Butane with a high net calorific value of 10,900 kcal/kg. LPG ensures a complete combustion, increases efficiency, reduces downtime and improves the quality of end product. These benefits induce Industries to switch to LPG from the liquid fuels. SUPERGAS as popularly known is one such strong brand which has been converting Industries to LPG since 1997 with a focus on providing efficient energy solutions through LPG in a sustainable way.

Making use of LPG for industrial applications means that you enjoy minimal maintenance costs of your burners, ovens and furnaces. If your industry still happens to reel under the pressure of polluting fuels, it’s time you switch to LPG.

Industrial Applications of LPG:

SUPERGAS’s more than 100 LPG application is seen in all industries: Automobile and ancillary, Heat Treatment and Powder Coating, Ceramics, Aerosol, Metal and many more.  

SUPERGAS offers state-of-the-art LPG installation services of 450 KG Maxima Cylinders and 33kg Liquid offtake and Vapour off-take Cylinders and Bulk LPG storage solutions.  The innovative design and planning help Industries overcome space constraints.  Switch to this environment-friendly convenient LPG fuel for superior productivity, cost efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint.

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