LPG – The Fuel for Your Health!

May 24,2019

Wood Stoves are something that we have seen from a very young age. The stoves loaded with wood and we have all enjoyed the crackling sound woods make when they start to catch fire. We see slowly the smoke rising up and the contents of the vessel boiling. For some it’s a sight to watch but have you ever noticed the side effects they cause?











  Acute respiratory infections



  Pregnancy issues (For women)


This is a long list, but you get the idea. In dire cases, they will end up coughing blood. It’s worse than smoking. The unfortunate fact is that this is continued even till now.

So what can you do to make sure they stop this practice? Educate them how to use LPG and LPG stoves. Getting a new gas connection is now cake walk. But the reason of switching to LPG is not only health but also the environment. Wood stove creates a lot of pollution and also cutting of trees; thereby  deteriorating  the environment quality surrounding the specific area.

Next logical thought that  everyone usually gets is why we don’t use electric and induction stoves as they have zero emissions. Though the zero emission part is true, a major share of electricity in the country is produced from thermal power plants whose emission levels are way above the specified levels. Therefore, indirectly you will be supporting pollution by switching on to electrical stoves.

The whole world is turning towards the Oriental countries as they are  rising in the economic and consumption front. At the same time, we are also rising in the pollution index. The unfortunate truth is that all the little activities that we are knowingly or unknowingly privy to; add up to the pollution in the atmosphere. Therefore we must change the little activities which will start with everyone saying goodbye to  wood based fuels and switching to LPG.

Hence the most viable alternative will be LPG. Now getting a new LPG connection for home is SUPER easy with SUPERGAS LPG connection for home. Within 24 hours and with minimal documentation you can get a new gas connection. You just need to produce a valid photo ID and address proof to SUPERGAS. The valid Photo ID Proofs are

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Ration Card
  • Voter ID Card.

A self-attested Letter can also be validated as an address proof. If you like to get out of the rut of unhealthy cooking, get your SUPERGAS LPG connection for home today. You can submit an online enquiry through https://www.supergas.com/online-enquiry