How Fast Food is Benefited by SUPER Fast LPG Delivery?

Nov 13,2019

Who doesn’t like lip-smacking fast food? Be it the roadside eateries whipping out the last minute grill sandwiches or the big burgers, we really love our fast food. But, a fast food restaurant is only determined by one factor. Service. The faster the food reaches the table the better.

Nevertheless, what is the major worry you will face as a fast food restaurant owner?

The answer is simple. LPG supply.

Because, that will drive the whole process of making sure the food reaches as fast as possible. However, with the current scenario, a reliable LPG supplier is tough to find. Or is it? Uninterrupted availability of LPG is really a cakewalk if the company’s supply chain management principles are in line.

Now, the obvious question pops up. Who is the best supplier of LPG in India? Who can cater to the spontaneous requirements of LPG for fast food restaurants? Well, the answer is right here.

SUPERGAS, a part of the Dutch MNC SHV Energy, is the solution to all the LPG problems. SUPERGAS’s humble beginnings as an LPG Supplier in India way back in 1996 and its growth to become a force to be reckoned with in the LPG segment in a very short time span is a story of experience and learnings. That learning has indeed made SUPERGAS the most preferred LPG Supplier in India.

Why you should make SUPERGAS your energy partner? Well there are plenty of reasons but we will stick to the major ones.

  • LPG Delivery, On time, every time: No, that’s not an exaggeration. SUPERGAS has access to 6 import terminals and 22+ filling plants across the breadth and length of this country. A fleet of dedicated vehicles makes sure that we keep our word to you.
  • Safety focus: Safety is one of our core functioning principles. During the transportation and handling of LPG, utmost focus is given to safety with relevant safety measures in place.
  • Extensive franchisee network: With more than 450+ franchisees, our reach is far and wide. Our franchisees will make the difference you’re aiming for in your business.
  • Quantity & Quality assurance: We are IS 4576:1999 certified and have stringent checks and measures in place to highlight even the slightest deviation to make sure that you receive the assured quantity & quality.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know more, give us a missed call on 9537522174 or submit an online enquiry to discuss further.