Getting a SUPERGAS connection is SUPER easy!

Dec 06,2019

You had been waiting for this your whole week. You have come to your hometown to finally relax, watch TV and gobble up on the awesome snack your mom is preparing in the kitchen. Your five senses are already enchanted under the spell of the food that is getting ready. Suddenly, breaking your daydreams you hear the sound “Son, the gas is finished. Place an order for a new one”. Now, you need to wait for eons to get the gas delivered.

This might be of no surprise as getting an LPG cylinder or even getting a new gas connection had always been cumbersome here. That’s where we come in with most customer friendly LPG connection in the whole LPG industry in India.

We are known for our:-

  • Instant Gas connection: Getting a gas connection with SUPERGAS is super easy. We provide the connection within 24 hours of receiving all the relevant documents
  • Minimal Documentation: We only require an address proof and a valid ID proof. The address proof can also be a self-attested letter, the connection will be provided.
  • Hassle free services: One phone call is enough for us to spring in to action and make sure the delivery happens within 24 hours.
  • Assured Quality& Quantity: We are IS 4576 certified. Our cylinders will have quality LPG filled to the specified amount. Our stringent checks in our plants makes sure of the same.

To get a new connection, it is recommended to follow the following steps.

  • The customer can call the nearby franchisee or raise a query in the website or register in the mobile app
    • The customers have to create their profile and choose the nearest franchisee to them in case of mobile app registration. The franchisee will call them.
    • The nearest franchisee will call them if the customer has raised a query in the website
  • The customer has to produce relevant KYC to the franchisee. The customer has to upload a scanned copy of the KYC in case of mobile app.
  • The franchisee will discuss and advice the customer on the connection type they require after analysing the consumption pattern, purpose and family size.
  • The customer has to transact the required amount to the franchisee.
  • The franchisee will deliver the cylinder to the customer.

Valid KYCs – AADHAR, Passport, Voter ID, Ration Card, Driving license

To get a refill order, the process is even simpler.

  • Contact the nearest franchisee and order a refill. Within 24 hours, the refill will be provided.
  • If the customer is using a mobile app or ordering portal, they can directly place the order in the specific system and the refill will be provided within 24 hours.
  • There are no online payment options until now, so payment has to be done on delivery.