Four Important Points on LPG Every Hotel and Restaurant Owner Must Know

SUPERGAS Hotel LPG May 16,2019

The Hotels, restaurants and catering business solely depends on quick customized service and the Customer experience on aesthetics, product quality, service and operational efficiency. Since LPG plays an unequivocal role in the segment, it directly and indirectly affects the business in terms of timely service.

There are 4  major factors surrounding LPG which influence any business fuel supply in the Ho-Re-Ca or Hotel-Restaurant-Catering segment.

Well-designed  LPG Storage System: This is the key for ensuring that all the LPG requirements (flow rate, peak load, and safety) are met during the design of the Installation. SUPEGAS has been the pioneers in the technical know-how and design of installations and they have come out with pre-fabricated installations and professional design with enriched material specifications to make the LPG storage solution safe, robust and easy to maintain.


Periodic maintenance of the LPG Installation: Many of the commercial food establishments lack in proper maintenance of their LPG manifold systems. This will lead to a lot of problems. A well maintained manifold makes sure that the LPG connection for hotels run smooth and without any hindrance. Therefore LPG multi cylinder manifold maintenance is an important thing.

SUPERGAS singles out as the supplier who regularly and keenly advices the customer on the same.


 Timely delivery and uninterrupted supply of fuel: LPG is the lifeline for any restaurant or hotel business. If the life support is removed then the business suffers with fits of losses that cannot be cured without the right supply. The right and timely supply always depends on efficient supply chain management coupled with a fervent dedication to serve and add value to the customer.

The above said statement has made SUPERGAS as one of the most trusted suppliers in the Ho-Re-Ca because of the demonstration of on time LPG delivery, every time thus ensuring your peace of mind. Hence you concentrate on other important aspects of the business.

 Periodic safety training: This is to ensure a safe working all the time and minimize accidents and hazards.  SUPERGAS does regular safety training program for all the end-users and more importantly does periodic safety audit too! Thus any non-adherence to the safety procedures are highlighted for a quick remedial measure.

The care taken for ensuring safety tight from design, installation and maintenance of cylinder manifold systems to recurring safety audits and seamless support has made SUPERGAS the best


LPG suppliers for hotel. The Passion for safety is imbibed in our culture so much that we went ahead and developed an LPG leak detector for the Ho-Re-Ca segment to proactively monitor LPG leakages and take actions.

Our customers are happy and more than satisfied with our service. We too are happy that we were enablers in  increasing  their business and added value to make this association more attractive.

We go by our promise of the below 

Apart from this, we have a dedicated sales team comprising of a territory manager who will be the helpline you require to advance business. We would want to help you increase your business. The question is, are you ready to reap more benefits and profits? If you want more info on us, check out this link. Fill an online enquiry form to know more about or customized solutions.