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  • What to do in Case of an LPG Leakage?

    LPG Emergency Safety tips May 06,2020

    LPG is an exceptional fuel. The energy provided by LPG is unmatched by most of the fuels mainly due to the calorific value it carries also with the portability LPG offers as a fuel. Maybe because of this reason, LPG as a fuel can serve even the remotest of the locations. Let’s look at some basic LPG properties.

    LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is an umbrella term given for a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gas majorly containing Propane and butane and mixtures of these.

  • SUPERGAS Propellants – The Best in Class for Aerosol Industries

    SUPERGAS Propellants Apr 22,2020

    Propellants are the lifeline for a business operating in the aerosol industry. The right propellant can make or break the business. Thus, it’s only natural that businesses hunt for what’s the best available propellant in the market. Well one such product for you will be the SUPERGAS propellant and we have fair reason to suggest the same.

  • Why Converting your Car to LPG will be the Best Decision of your Life…

    Converting your Car to LPG Apr 17,2020

    For everybody who is planning to buy a car in India, the default options are petrol or diesel. Diesel if somebody decides to travel extra miles and petrol for someone who prefers power and performance.

  • Which LPG Manifold should I choose - LOT or VOT?

    SUPERGAS LOT Mar 19,2020

    LPG has had a big role to play in today’s manufacturing world. With more and more people switching over to the exceptional fuel, there exists a visible confusion on what kind of manifold to choose. As explained in the earlier blog on parameters to choose your manifold installation, the major factors are

  • What is Cylinder Sweating and How to Tackle this Issue?

    cylinder sweating Mar 16,2020

    Many a times you might have seen the phenomenon of cylinders with droplets being formed at the surface of the cylinders especially in hotels/restaurants. You have been puzzled as to how it happens. There are no water sources around to explain the same.

    What is that phenomenon?

  • Nine Useful Tips to Save Cooking Gas!

    SUPERGAS Home LPG Mar 11,2020

    Savings as a term has been used so many times in our life that we are attuned to savings. We find ways to save many things, but when it comes to LPG, we are clueless. This is a common question that rises in everyone’s daily life.

    Is there a way to save cooking LPG?

  • LPG – The Exceptional Kitchen Energy and It’s Benefits!

    SUPERGAS LPG Mar 02,2020

    Liquefied Petroleum Gas-the name has been eponymous with the most used kitchen fuel for a very long time. We are so used to LPG that we have essentially forgot it’s importance. I would like all of you to imagine something. Imagine a world without LPG. That was what it was before 1910.

  • How LPG Benefits Heat Treatment Application

    SUPERGAS LPG Benefits for Heat Treatment Feb 28,2020

    Heat treatment is the process where a metal is heated or cooled to a specific temperature to alter the physical or even chemical properties of the material. It’s a critical operation requiring the right amount of temperature. Thus, the right fuel, which offers precise temperature control, have to be chosen after much deliberation.

  • LPG – The Fuel of the Future!

    SUPERGAS LPG Feb 19,2020

    When LPG was discovered almost 110 years ago by Dr. Walter Snelling, little did he know the impact this fuel is going to create in the world. Today LPG is used to power up millions of kitchens across the world, to fire up the kitchens in hotels/restaurants to a barrage of industrial heating applications and even in automobiles as well.

  • SUPERGAS LPG Leak Detector: The SUPERHERO for your Hotel LPG Safety

    SUPERGAS Leak Detector Feb 13,2020

    Every day after you finish your daily accounting, close the restaurant kitchen, lock the gate and go back home; there is this little nagging doubt at the back of your mind. Did I turn off all the stove and close the manifold valve? Why?