Forklift LPG

Forklift trucks are used extensively to move materials in the manufacturing and service industries. Traditional diesel or battery-run Forklift Trucks suffer from issues like pollution, harmful smoke emission, operational noises, and higher operational and maintenance costs.

Today the technology of Forklift Trucks has evolved to provide customers enough021 choice with LPG variants. Industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, beverages, automobile, ferrous and non-ferrous, consumer goods, textile and major warehousing companies are increasingly using LPG powered Forklift Trucks.

SUPERGAS pioneered the First “Forklift LPG” in India for such uses in 2009 with multiple advantages compared to other fuels.

LPG over other fuels

To suit the needs of Forklift Trucks, SUPERGAS offers clean, green and cost-effective Forklift LPG with superior composition, suitable for heavy operations. Its High Octane number provides more power and consistent performance.

Specially Designed Cylinder

Our Forklift LPG cylinder is specially designed for horizontal usage in Forklift Trucks so that LPG is supplied even at very low levels resulting in consistent load output from filled position to emptied cylinder leading to reduced operational cost.

Benefits of SUPERGAS Forklift LPG

  • Minimum left-over gas as compared to conventional LPG cylinders leading to optimum utilization of LPG and low operational cost
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Increased output because of consistent and uniform load carrying capacity
  • Eliminates throttling during emptying of conventional LPG cylinder
  • Quick and easy change of cylinders ensure higher productivity
  • Eco-friendly - Virtually zero emissions and no harmful fumes
  • Versatile - Helps tackle uneven sloped surfaces and steep inclines
  • No LPG leakage – Forklift cylinder with threaded joint between valve and adaptor eliminates LPG leakages
  • High safety - Forklift LPG Cylinder is fitted with a special valve that ensures full protection to the cylinder

Specially designed safety features make our LPG for Forklifts extremely safe. Uniformity in engine performance, power and no throttling increases engine life significantly. Optimum utilization of LPG ensures minimal leftover gas and lower operational costs. For more details please speak with our executive.


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