450KG Maxima Cylinders

SUPERGAS offers state-of-the-art Maxima 450 Kg LPG Cylinder for Industrial LPG requirements. It is an efficient, safe and environment-friendly solution.

  • Less-Energy-Cost

    Less Energy Cost

  • Area-of-Installation

    Area of Installation (60% Savings)

  • quality-assured

    Ease of handling (14 Cylinders of 33kg = 1 Maxima Cylinder)

  • enhanced-safety

    Enhanced Safety

 Safety Features:  

  • PESO approved and conforms to European Nation Standard 13445

  • Rochester Gauges – Measures  LPG content in the Cylinder

  • Safety Relief Valve

  • Excess Flow Check Valve – Stops LPG Flow in the unlikely event of pipeline failure

  • Less joints in Maxima LPG Installation ensures higher safety


SUPERGAS Advantages:


  • Assured Quality and Quantity

  • On-time delivery

  • Expert Technical Assistance

  • Customized Solutions


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