SUPER LOT Plus is a notch above LOT (Liquid Off-take) and conventional VOT (Vapour Off-take) manifold systems in many ways. A major difference is in the way liquid LPG is vapourized. While conventional VOT works on the principle of natural vaporization, LOT works on the principle of artificial vaporization using electrical heaters.

Key Features

Heaterless Vapourizer – SUPER LOT Plus uses an innovative technology that neither uses expensive electricity nor relies on natural vaporization. Making use of heaterless vaporizers that work on the principle of thermodynamics, the pressure and temperature of LPG is reduced adiabatically. The system uses a special heat exchanger which works on continuous flow of water from a water storage tank in a closed loop circulation. The whole process converts LPG into vapour form at the required pressure.

Electronic Auto Change Over (EACD) Device – The Programmable Logic Controller based EACD enables the changeover from empty cylinder bank to the filled bank automatically, displaying information in real time assisted by audio and visual indicators. What’s more, it is also telemetry-compatible for improved convenience.

Benefits of SUPER LOT Plus

  • Requires up to 65% less area when compared to conventional VOT manifolds

  • Reduced cost of civil, structural and other related costs

  • Saves expensive electrical energy to the tune of Rs. 5 lakh per year for a 100kg/hr vapourizer *

  • Reduced Carbon footprint: A 100kg/hr HLV reduces 62 MT CO2 a year

  • Lower maintenance

  • Lower corrosion and scaling

  • Fully reliable and trouble free operations due to lower temperature and optimum pressure working

  • Safety: Duly approved by PESO

*Individual results may vary depending on operating conditions.

By using SUPER LOT Plus, you will be able to considerably reduce the cost of operation and carbon footprint, because in this process, vaporization takes place without electricity. Other advantages lies in its compact size, safe operation and reduced maintenance that can conveniently take care of your requirement. For more details please speak to our executive.

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