Mass Flow Meter

The Mass Flow Meter is used to measure the mass of LPG consumed in each of the applications in the manufacturing process. For this purpose, we offer high quality, robust and accurate Endress + Hausers LPG/Propane Mass Flow Meter to our valued customers.

How does the Mass Flow Meter work?

Our LPG / Propane Mass Flow Meter utilizes the Coriolis Principle to measure the mass flow rate. The Coriolis tube placed inside the Mass Flow Meter constantly oscillates due to the in-built exciter. Due to the moving mass and Coriolis Effect, the inlet and outlet sections oscillate in different directions causing the highly sensitive sensors to pick up these changes. This gives a direct measure of the flow of liquid or gas in the pipe.

Benefits of Our Mass Flow Meter

By using the Coriolis principle, we offer the following advantages:

  • Universal measuring principle for liquids and gases

  • Very high measuring accuracy

  • Simultaneous and direct measurement of mass flow, density, temperature and viscosity (multivariable sensors)

  • Measuring principle is independent of the physical fluid properties

  • Remains unaffected by flow profile

Fully Customized to your needs

Sr. No. Model Number Size (NB) Maximum Mass Flow(in kg/hr) Flange Type and Class
      Liquid (LPG/Propane) Vapour (LPG/Propane)  
1. 80E15-AAASAADABCBA 15 6500/6500 239/221 ASME B 16.5; 150#
2. 80E25-AAASAADABCBA 25 18000/18000 583/538 ASME B 16.5; 150#
3. 80E40-AAASAADABCBA 40 45000/45000 1498/1346 ASME B 16.5; 150#
4. 80E50-AAASAADABCBA 50 70000/70000 2268/2093 ASME B 16.5; 150#
5. 80E15-AABSAADABCBA 15 6500/6500 239/221 ASME B 16.5; 300#
6. 80E25-AABSAADABCBA 25 18000/18000 583/538 ASME B 16.5; 300#
7. 80E40-AABSAADABCBA 40 45000/45000 1498/1346 ASME B 16.5; 300#
8. 80E50-AABSAADABCBA 50 70000/70000 2268/2093 ASME B 16.5; 300#

Apart from offering accurate and reliable Mass Flow Meters to automate your processes, we also offer you quick and professional installation and maintenance services. Fully customizable, our system comes with the best specifications to ensure precise accuracy.

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