Liquid Trap

Liquid trap or Heavy Condensate Trap are devices that are installed downstream of the vaporizers to accumulate and drain out heavier hydrocarbons that are sometimes present in LPG.  Liquid Trap leads to clean burning and avoidance of several safety hazards and accidents.

Working Principle

LPG vapour enters the Liquid trap to pass through a series of baffle plates resulting in accumulation of heavy hydrocarbons at the bottom. The LPG vapour without the heavy ends goes to the burner from the outlet of the liquid trap.

Location of Installing the Liquid Trap

Liquid Trap is installed outside the shop floor on the secondary pipeline. It is important to ensure electrical connections do not exist within 2 meters of the trap and no flammable work is to be carried out within a radius of 10 meters.


  • Pre-warning alarm at 35% level of liquid trap

  • Alarm activation and tripping of gas supply at 80% level

  • Solenoid valve with bypass arrangement for easy maintenance

  • Plug and play device with pre-wired unit along with cable tray for easy installation

  • Potential-free audio alarm

  • Weather proof IP 45 enclosure for junction box

  • Automatic resetting to normal working after draining

  • Suitable support for quick installation

Benefits of our Liquid Trap

  • Prevention of winter related issues

  • Cleaner combustion

  • Reduced risk at shop floor

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