Heaterless Vaporizer

Are you using LPG in your manufacturing process? Do you use LPG in bulk or in LOT cylinder form? Are you worried about rising electrical expenses and increasing carbon footprint? If yes, then it’s time you switch over to an innovative and energy saving product – SUPERGAS Heaterless Vaporizer (HLV).

In the conventional electrical vaporizer, LPG is passed through a coil immersed in hot water bath maintained at a temperature of 60°C and above. Electrical heaters are used to heat water leading to increased use of electricity, making the operational costs expensive. Also, the annual energy consumed by electrical vaporizer of 100 kg/hr produces 60 MT of carbon dioxide in a year.

Our HLV is a revolutionary product that does not consume any electricity for vaporization of LPG, making the entire process more green, economical and efficient. Working on the principle of thermodynamics, HLV is designed to reduce the pressure and temperature of LPG.

The process to vaporize cooled LPG is achieved by a special heat exchanger which works on continuous flow of water from a storage tank in a closed loop circulation – all at an ambient temperature. The whole process converts LPG into vapour form at the required pressure. As no electricity is consumed for vaporization, HLV helps in saving energy.

Working Principle

Drawing comparisons with Electrical Vapourizer: HLV is a clear winner

"Water tank is not required if you have a Cooling Tower. Using HLV greatly improves the Cooling Tower’s efficiency by reducing the water temperature."

Summary of the table: Between the two, HLV allows greater cost savings during production and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions leading to a cleaner environment.

Benefits of SUPERGAS HLV:

  • Clean and Sustainable: Since electricity is used negligibly, you can have huge benefits with reduced carbon footprint. Typically, a 100 kg/hr HLV reduces 60 MT carbon footprint annually.

  • Cost effective: Based on the HLV capacity, avail average annual savings of Rs. 4.5 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs (100 kg/hr to 1000kg /hr) on account of negligible electrical energy usage.

  • Lower maintenance: By choosing HLV over electrical vaporizers, you choose convenience over hassles of maintenance. The stainless steel coil and brass baffles in HLV reduces corrosion and scaling leading to lower maintenance.

  • Safe: Duly approved by PESO, HLV is far safer than the electrical vaporizers due to absence of electrical heater.

  • Reliable: Experience trouble-free operation due to lower temperature and optimal operating pressure.

  • Ease of Operation: You save big on valuable ‘Start-up Time’ on HLV when compared to electrical vaporizer.

With HLV, you save big on electricity and carbon footprint. You can also be rest assured that the operational cost is reduced significantly. High on safety and low maintenance, this is the best opportunity to achieve faster payback on the system.

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SUPERGAS Heaterless Vaporizer HLV