Flue Gas Analysis

Combustion system, if not used properly will consume more fuel leading to higher operating cost and emission of polluting gases like CO2, CO, NOx, SOx. SUPERGAS helps manufacturing units carry out Flue Gas Analysis to determine efficiency of their combustion systems and adherence to statutory norms. Regular checks of emitted flue gases make it easier for manufacturing units to detect inefficiencies early.

About Flue Gas Analysis

The Flue Gas Analysis is an effective way to gather reliable combustion data for analyzing and optimizing combustion efficiency of a system. Based on the result of the analysis, the combustion system’s air-fuel ratio is reset to bring it close to stoichiometric combustion. It also helps measure and monitor manufacturing unit’s adherence to the prescribed statutory pollution limits. By doing so, you save 1% - 2 % of fuel for every 10% reduction in excess air.

How does our Flue Gas Analysis work?

We make use of the Flue Gas Analyzer which is a calibrated electronic instrument that measures the concentration of various gases emitted by the manufacturing units. Emitted gas samples are collected from the testing port opening of the chimney and processed through the Flue Gas Analyzer to measure the concentrations of Excess Air, Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Oxides of Sulphur (SOx) and Nitrogen (NOx), and flue gas temperature. The analyzer detects any deviations from the optimal range for a given combustion system and provides information to adjust the burners for optimum combustion.

We recommend that the Flue Gas Analysis test be undertaken once in every 6 months to ensure effective and optimal functioning of the combustion system. Our trained service specialists will perform the test in the presence of your authorized personnel. There will be zero downtime during the analysis, and a report will be provided to you within 7 days.

Benefits of our FGA

  • Higher Energy and Cost Savings – By optimizing combustion efficiency you save more on energy and costs

  • Better Optimization – Based on the information, air fuel ratio is adjusted for optimal use

  • Operational Excellence – Huge reduction in the production cost and increase in the quality of end-product

  • Less Pollution – Regular monitoring reduces undesirable exhaust emissions

  • More Safety – Analysis helps improve safety of your fuel burning equipment

One of the key benefits of Flue Gas Analysis is that it gauges your combustion system to run at its optimal efficiency leading to reduced energy bills and more savings. Simultaneously, you can also reduce your carbon footprint because of improved combustion. Regular monitoring of flue gas emissions help you monitor harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, and caution you to reset the system before it poses any threat.

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