Electronic Auto Change-over Device

SUPERGAS firmly believes in helping customers harness the power of automation. As pioneers of Mechanical Automatic Change-over devices, we have taken the next step forward in technology and innovation by introducing a PLC based fully automatic Electronic Auto Change-over Device (EACD) for the LPG cylinder manifold. When the gas in one manifold arm is exhausted, EACD helps in switching over automatically to the other manifold arm. It will also sends an SMS & E-mail notification once the gas was reached to an specific limit.

Our EACD offers complete automation for change-over of LPG manifold banks giving greater control in terms of real time information, superior safety, telemetry compatibility and hassle-free operation and convenience.

As per PESO guidelines (IS 6044 Part-I, 2013), it is mandatory for storage installations of more than 1000 kgs to use Automatic Change-over Devices in the LPG cylinder manifold.

Benefits of SUPERGAS - Electronic Auto Change-over Device

  • No mechanical shifting of lever

  • Integration of System Pressure Switch and Panel

  • More output information on

    • Functioning bank

    • Upstream low pressure indication

    • Downstream low pressure indication

  • Easy Maintenance of Solenoid Valves and Pressure Switches

  • Telemetry Compatibility

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