Conversion Assistance

Are you looking for a better, efficient fuel to meet your industrial use? Are you considering switching over from expensive conventional fuels to highly beneficial LPG? We at SUPERGAS assure you a simple, smooth and hassle-free conversion to LPG for all your needs.

Conversion to LPG – A Better Solution

There are numerous benefits of switching over to LPG – a low carbon and exceptional energy source. Unlike your conventional fuel, LPG produces limited particulate matter, thus improving the local air quality. It does not generate harmful or potentially dangerous residue. LPG facilitates complete combustion, thus reducing the maintenance requirement of the burners and combustion system - leading to higher productivity and efficiency and better end-product. Above all, LPG helps you in reducing carbon footprint and promotes a clean environment.

SUPERGAS – Your Conversion and Convenience Facilitator

A team of experts with vast and varied industry experience will help you choose the right combustion system, appropriate controls and equipment, right vendor and assist you with the process of conversion.

We are the first to have introduced this service in India, and are continuously adding esteemed customers who have converted from High Speed Diesel, Light Diesel Oil, Furnace Oil, Superior Kerosene Oil, Coal and Electricity to LPG. Our happy customers appreciate us for the full conversion spectrum of services and LPG storage solutions that enable uninterrupted, hassle-free operation.

Benefits of our conversion services

  • Savings on your monthly fuel bill

  • Enhanced life of the combustion equipment

  • Reduced maintenance and higher productivity

  • Direct firing unlike many alternate fuels

  • Better end-product quality

  • Reduced carbon footprints

More and more businesses are opting for SUPERGAS LPG because of high savings, ease of use and clean burning. SUPERGAS’ Expert team delivers end-to-end LPG solutions, irrespective of project size; on time and in accordance with your requirements. You can fully rely on our post-conversion LPG supply.

Just let us know about your requirement by clicking on the Online Enquiry or give us a call on 9121177930. Our expert team will get back to you shortly.