Continuous Gas Monitoring System Plus

Alerting via SMS avoiding hazards and rewarding lives

Safety of LPG installation and its operations at customers’ premises is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to ensure a hazard free working environment. In a bid to make LPG installations safer and secure, we offer CGMS+ (Continuous Gas Monitoring System Plus) – an innovative and reliable product in association with Worldwide Safety Devices (WWSD). With our CGMS+ installed in your premises you can be assured of detecting any LPG leak in real time with SMS alert, thereby eliminating any potential threat to life and property.

How does it work?

CGMS+ (Continuous Gas Monitoring System Plus) is an LPG / NG detection system having multiple flameproof gas sensors, digital controller unit which monitors the concentration of LPG in the atmosphere and gives warning much before the explosive limit. This LPG concentration limit can be set by the users. In case of leakage, LPG settles down on the ground and the flameproof sensor senses the LPG and transmits inputs to the digital controller unit ;thus initiating the alarm. Simultaneously using the in-built modem, warning SMS is sent up to 10 mobile numbers. In case leakage is not arrested, message alert is sent at regular interval of 3 minutes. LPG concentration is also displayed on the digital controller unit placed at the control room or office. Thus it's a real time safety device keeping you informed on any gas leakage wherever you are.

Benefits of SUPERGAS CGMS+:

  • Enhanced safety to your LPG installation through continuous monitoring of LPG leakage if any, warning signal at site with alarm and sending alert SMS up to 10 mobile numbers.

  • Based on your need, you can choose from the wide customized options - 2 channels, 5 channels, 8 channels and 16 channels.

  • Use of Flameproof Sensor Assembly and Junction Boxes approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) ensure quality and reliability.

  • Digital display of LPG levels for your convenience.

  • Semiconductor Sensors ensure longer life.

  • Easy and quick access to professional After-Sales Service and round–the-clock technical assistance.

A one of its kind innovative and reliable product, our CGMS+ secures your LPG/NG installation, making it hazard-free. Fully automated with digital display, on-time alerts and sms makes it very convenient for you to monitor. Fully customizable, our system comes with the best specifications found nowhere else. For more details please call our executive.

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