SUPERGAS Foundation

SUPERGAS aims to better the lives it touches, with a strong commitment towards developmental work for communities in and around its business units. As the leading LPG player in India, we offer efficient energy solutions to customers, and also take care of the planet, environment and people around us. We facilitate education for the poor and the needy and regularly organize health camps for economically deprived people in adjoining areas of our filling plants. Especially notable is our contribution during natural calamities where we contribute in both cash and kind. We encourage our employees to engage in socially relevant causes that better the communities, make a positive contribution and empower children with quality education.

SUPERGAS Foundation (SGF) is the philanthropic arm of SHV Energy Pvt. Ltd. SHV’s worldwide CSR concept of ‘Start from the Heart’ inspires SGF to help underprivileged children with education and skills to help themselves and grow up as responsible citizens. Our other focus areas include empowerment and improvement of living conditions of the deprived.

Much before the foundation was set up in 2011, SUPERGAS partnered with CHORD (Child and Holistic Organization for Rural Development), a Hyderabad based non-profit NGO, for building a school in 2005. The school has gradually grown to become a four storeyed residential school and vocational training centre accommodating 400 children. More than 1000 children have successfully passed out from the school, helping significantly reduce the child labour in the surrounding communities.

Good Health

SGF conducts medical health camps for community members, children, teachers and non teaching staff of identified schools. Medicines are distributed free of cost and cases of medical concern are referred to free health care programs run by the Government.

Facility in School

SGF firmly believes that a child’s education encompasses academic, cultural, sports and other extracurricular activities that help develop the overall well-being. To achieve this objective successfully, SGF constructed a ‘Multi Purpose Open Auditorium’ in Zilla Parishad school at S Lingotam village, Choutuppal near Hyderabad. SGF on coming to know about need of some benches and black board, had donated wooden benches and black board to Malancha Beria school at Uluberia, West Bengal.

Joy of Giving

As part of an activity called ‘Joy of Giving,’ our trustees and employees across India regularly join hands to serve the poor and needy. We believe and practice the age-old saying: Charity begins at Home.

Training the Teachers

One of the main challenges in the education system is paucity of quality teachers who play a crucial role in laying a firm foundation for all round development of children. Our Trustees plan development programs for teachers of underprivileged school to help them in handling children more effectively.

Donations during natural calamities

Whether by contributing money, transporting supplies, donating blood, or volunteering to go to affected areas to help people, SGF contributes in its own little ways to lessen the impact of disasters and crises.