Taking ‘Initiatives’ is about Going Beyond the Call of Duty

Sep 14, 2019

The teachers of CHORD school are good in doing what they were told to do. But they wanted to know what it means to proactively take initiatives at the workplace/school. In this context, the Director of CHORD Mrs. Manjulatha Malladi requested Mr. Sreeman Kadali to undertake a session on ‘Taking initiatives’ at work place for the 30 teachers. 

Accordingly on 14th September 2019, Mr. Sreeman Kadali conducted a half day workshop for the teachers of CHORD at Bachupally School.

The session was rolled-out by him with questions on how the teachers took initiatives and implemented in their personal lives and how their families benefited from such initiatives. The participant teacher’s surprisingly shared many of their personal initiatives stories, some of which were quite touching and emotional.