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Wire Annealing

SUPERGAS LPG in Wire Annealing

Wire Annealing

Annealing is a Heat Treatment process where the metal is heated up beyond its critical temperature, held at that temperature for some time, and gradually cooled. Wire annealing is done to homogenize the wire structure, remove internal stresses, induce ductility and softness, and adjust tensile strength, yield, elongation and other physical properties.

Be it a Strand Annealing Furnace, Bell Annealing Furnace or Pit Type Furnace, using SUPERGAS LPG is not only cost-effective, but also makes the process more productive.


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Advantages of SUPERGAS LPG:

  • Reduced heating time, increased productivity
  • Saves energy cost (20-30%)
  • Payback period for conversion (from electricity to LPG) is 12-18 months; and much lesser for Pit type and Bell type furnaces
  • No need to worry about breakdowns and regular replacements of heating elements (used in electrical furnaces) as LPG is fired directly to generate heat

Team SUPERGAS will help you convert to LPG. Based on your needs, we provide LPG Storage Systems either on a Build-Own-Maintain basis or turnkey basis. Technical expertise, prompt service, timely delivery, safety and quality assurance are key takeaways from our service. Be assured that the conversion and LPG storage system will be designed, planned and executed seamlessly by our experienced professionals. Our service is just a phone call away.

To know more about the usage of SUPERGAS LPG in Wire Annealing process, click on the Online Enquiry or give us a call on 9121177930. Our expert team will get back to you shortly.