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Roto Moulding

SUPERGAS LPG in Roto Moulding

Roto Moulding

Roto Moulding is used to produce hollow plastic products. Heating, melting, shaping and cooling are some of the steps in the process where polymers are placed inside the mould without applying external pressure. Combining heat and bi-axial rotation, Roto Moulding creates seamless, stress-free hollow one-piece items.


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Use of SUPERGAS LPG in Roto Molding process offers greater cost benefits over liquid fuels and electricity. When compared to liquid fuels, our LPG increases combustion efficiency, and eliminates interruptions that may occur due to power cuts or failure.

Advantages of SUPERGAS LPG:

  • Lower initial heating time
  • Better productivity compared to liquid fuels
  • Achieves uniformity in products
  • Enhanced equipment life
  • Lower maintenance cost for burners and the system
  • Higher burner efficiency
  • No pilferage, spillage and adulteration
  • Hassle free fuel management
  • Environment friendly - cleaner burning and Sulphur-free emission

Team SUPERGAS will help you convert to LPG. Based on your needs, we provide LPG Storage Systems either on a Build-Own-Maintain basis or turnkey basis. Technical expertise, prompt service, timely delivery, safety and quality assurance are key takeaways from our service. Be assured that the conversion and LPG storage system will be designed, planned and executed seamlessly by our experienced professionals. Our service is just a phone call away.

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