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Powder Coating

SUPERGAS LPG in Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a surface coating process that gives a ‘dry finish’ to metals, imparting a colour finish and acting as a protection layer to the base metal. The process offers several benefits over conventional liquid painting such as superior consistency and uniformity, longer life, better impact resistance, greater corrosion resistance and lesser pollution.

In the Powder Coating process, finely ground dry paint film is electrostatically applied onto a specially prepared surface. Heating the film with SUPERGAS LPG lends a tough smooth finish, better than LDO, HSD and other fuels. Our LPG can be effectively used for all the steps in the process including degreasing, phosphating, passivation, drying and pre-heating and curing. It also helps produce uniform finish without sags, drips, runs and bubbles.


For more details on the process flow, please click here.

Advantages of SUPERGAS LPG:

  • Lower initial heating time
  • Reduced pollution
  • Higher productivity
  • Enhanced equipment life
  • Lower maintenance cost for burners and ovens
  • Higher burner efficiency
  • No pilferage, spillage and adulteration

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