LPG Maintenance bulk


Do's of LPG Bulk Installation

  • Permit is a pre-requisite to carry out any maintenance work
  • Only authorized service personnel can carry out maintenance operations inside the LPG yard
  • Hot work like welding, heating or cutting work should be done outside the LPG yard (fenced area). All maintenance work for burners or combustion system should be carried out by authorized service personnel only
  • Maintain visitor log book
  • Regularly check for proper functioning of fire fighting system and DCP fire extinguishers
  • Maintain earth pits properly
  • Remove all dry grass from LPG yard periodically
  • Keep gates of LPG yard closed

Don’ts of LPG Bulk Installation

  • Don’t allow unauthorized persons into the LPG yard
  • Don’t store any foreign material in the LPG yard
  • Don’t allow battery operated instruments inside the LPG yard
  • Don’t touch liquid LPG with naked hands. Always use hand gloves
  • Don’t walk over pipelines

In case of leakage or fire

  • Stop all operations, close all isolation valves, and raise alarm
  • Use personal protective equipments/clothes while fighting fire or controlling leakages
  • In case of fire, start water sprinkler spray system directing water jet to the flame source
  • If fire is small, use DCP type fire extinguishers
  • Those not performing any duty in emergency must assemble at emergency assembly point
  • Isolate main electrical system except the fire fighting system
  • Stop the spread of fire by closing isolation ball valves
  • Avoid all source of ignition. Block any traffic movements in case of major leakage.
  • Inform plant manager, fire brigade and police if leakage/fire is not controlled.
  • Give first aid and life saving treatment to injured persons