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LPG maintenance

  • maintenance1

    Disconnect LPG regulator and affix safety capĀ on the cylinder when your gas stove is not in use for prolonged period

  • maintenance2

    Always store the LPG cylinder in an upright position and away from other combustible and flammable materials

  • maintenance3

    Check for gas leaks regularly by applying soap solution on cylinder joints and Suraksha pipes. The appearance of soap bubbles indicates leak points

  • maintenance4

    Do not use open flame to detect leaks

  • maintenance5

    Always replace worn-out or defective tubing and regulators. Half of all cooking gas-related accidents occur due to leakages from the rubber tube. Use only regulators and tubes with ISI Mark

  • maintenance6

    Make sure all parts of your LPG system is in good condition. If you find anything wrong with any part, contact your franchisee immediately and ask for assistance

  • maintenance7

    Never tamper with your LPG cylinder