Hot Dip Galvanizing

SUPERGAS LPG in Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot dip Galvanizing is the immersion of clean, oxide-free iron or steel in molten zinc. It helps to form a protective zinc coating that is metallurgically bonded to the iron or steel’s surface. It is used in the manufacturing process of wires, barbed wires, sheets, plates, tubes, pipes, strips, structural steel, fittings, hardware, fasteners, nails, wire cloth etc. Today, LPG is being widely preferred over other conventional fuels in the Hot Dip Galvanization Process.


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Advantages of SUPERGAS LPG:

  • Cleaner heating surface as there is no carbon deposit on the zinc bath tank
  • Cleaner and greener fuel, meaning pollution-free environment
  • Quick bath temperature within short time
  • Better heat transfer with LPG firing
  • Enhanced bath tank life
  • Uniform molten metal temperature, thus improves the quality of galvanizing
  • Low maintenance cost

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