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Thank You for showing your interest in taking the LPG supply from SUPERGAS.

1. Why SUPERGAS LPG for your hotel?

  1. On time LPG Delivery
  2. Quantity & Quality Assured
  3. Commitment to Safety
  4. Extensive Franchisee Network
  5. Installation and Maintenance Services

2. Process of getting the LPG Supply:

Please get in touch with the nearest Franchisee in your location as per the details below:

Franchisee: [franchisee_name]
Address: [franchisee_address]
Phone no: [franchisee_contact]
Mail Id: [franchisee_mail]

3. Know more about Us:

Also for a reference, please note down details of SUPERGAS Customer Service Executive:

Name: [executive_name]
Telephone No: [executive_contact]
Mail Id: [executive_mail]

It will be our pleasure to serve you as an esteemed Customer and we look forward to it.

Best Regards,

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