Endo Gas Generation

SUPERGAS LPG in Endo Gas Generation

Endo Gas Generation

Endothermic gas is a mixture of several gases like Hydrogen, Nitrogen, CO, CO2, Water Vapour. It is used in many heat treatment furnaces for a strong Oxygen reducing atmosphere. LPG is quickly gaining popularity as a Carbon enhancer in the controlled furnace atmosphere. Some of the most common heat treatment applications where LPG is increasingly used are Gas Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Hardening/Annealing, High Temperature Brazing and Carbon Restoration of Steel.

Many manufacturing units rely on SUPERGAS LPG to pass over the heated catalyst along with air in the retort at a temperature of 1030-1050 °C – generating Endo Gas in the process. We ensure quality LPG which is free from unsaturates and heavy hydrocarbons (like Pentane, Hexane etc.). Consistent composition of our LPG enhances the life of the catalyst and ensures smooth operation.

Advantages of SUPERGAS LPG:

  • Cost-effective solution for large applications
  • Highly suitable for carburizing due to stable atmosphere and high Carbon potential
  • Eliminates use of highly poisonous Cyanide Baths in Carbo-nitriding

SUPERGAS will only supply LPG that is consistent and uniform in composition. Our quality LPG is free of unsaturates and heavy ends. You can always rely on us for prompts service, assured supply and safety.

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