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The Don’ts that you should not

  • cylinder

    Don't keep cylinders in a horizontal position. Always keep the cylinder in upright position

  • heat

    Don’t heat the cylinder directly or indirectly

  • leakage ring

    Check the cylinder for any leakage from ‘O’ ring and valve before connecting

  • unconnected

    Don’t keep unconnected cylinders

  • Turn off the valve

    Turn off the valve when cylinder is not in use

  • Restrict entry

    Restrict entry to authorized persons only

  • store

    Don’t store any extra material in the LPG shed

  • clean

    Keep the area clean

  • battery

    Don’t allow battery operated instruments inside the LPG shed

  • non-flame

    Don’t use any non-flame proof electrical items inside the LPG shed

  • No smoking

    No smoking in the LPG shed or area

  • No naked flame

    No naked flame anywhere inside the LPG shed or area