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Thank You for showing your interest with SUPERGAS.

LPG Opportunity

LPG is a clean and green fuel and also known an exceptional fuel. The Indian LPG market is growing rapidly at more than 8-9% per annum due to positive change in Government policy and various initiatives. This creates a golden opportunity for new franchisees to enter the market and develop LPG business in association with our support and guidance.

Business Model and Process for our Network:

Target Segment Domestic and Commercial Customers
  • 2 Kg, 4kg,12kg LPG Cylinders ( Domestic)
  • 17kg & 33 kg LPG Cylinders ( Commercial )
  • LPG Leak Detector
  • Cooktops , Adapters ,Regulators
Roles and Responsibilities
  • New Customer Creation
  • Customer Service , Handling and resolving any Customer related issues
  • Branding and Visibility
  • Safety and Compliance
  • PESO approved Godown *( Typical Godown size for a 2MT LPG storage capacity is 20 ft X 13 ft with a plot size of 1950 sft considering safety distance of 3 meters (10 ft around all sides of the Godown)

    *For LPG Storage of more than 100kg , PESO ( Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization) approved Godown is a must

  • Three wheeler or four-wheeler vehicle for Cylinder distribution
  • Showroom
  • Sales Persons, Delivery Boys and Manager
  • Refundable security Deposits @Rs1500 / cylinder for 12kg & 17kgs cylinders respectively.
  • Typical Investment including Godown construction = Rs 25-35 Lakhs.
Margin on LPG for Franchisees

Margins vary from region to region depending on market conditions.

Process of Franchisee Selection
  • Discussion with SUPERGAS ,Business Potential Survey by the Franchisee and Background Check by SUPERGAS
  • Godown Site Visit
  • Letter of Intent from SUPERGAS
  • Initial approval by PESO
  • Approval from local Panchayat / Municipal
  • Construction of LPG Godown
  • PESO inspection and final licensing of LPG godown
  • Signing the Franchisee Agreement
  • Start of Sale to Customers
Support from SUPERGAS
  • Business support (Retail team, Infrastructure and Growth Schemes)
  • Branding (franchisee office, vehicles, promotional)
  • Selling tools (leaflets, presentations and joint visit to Prospects, Customers )
  • Effective Safety training workshops for customers, delivery sales person and franchisees.

As a next step , you are requested to confirm your interest by giving a call to our Sales Manager Mrs/Mr [executive_name], [executive_contact], [executive_mail] within 7 days. To know more about SUPERGAS, please visit

Looking forward to an enriching association of working together,

Best Regards,

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