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Thank You for showing your interest in becoming a SUPERGAS Auto LPG Franchisee. We are happy to let you know some more details about Auto LPG, it’s benefits, what are the requirements and commercials and process involved in the Auto LPG Franchisee selection.

Benefits of LPG (Green Auto Fuel) for an end user:

  • Reduced Fuel Cost (30-40% Over Petrol)
  • Lower Carbon Emission
  • Less Vehicle Maintenance
  • Longer Engine Life

Benefits of Auto LPG Station for a Franchisee:

  • Long-term Fuel (Encouraged by Government)
  • Steady returns on investment
  • Business model: Cash Only & No Credit
  • Quick set up time ( 90 days) *

(*after getting the District Magistrate No Objection Certificate)

Business Model:

  • FOFO: Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated
  • COFO: Company Owned Franchisee Operated

Investment & Margin:

It would depend on the Business Model

Scope of Partnership:








Land (30 Meter X 28 Meter Owned/Leased) and Land Development




Design, Detail Engineering, Drawings (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical) and Selection of Equipment’s



Civil and Electrical Activities



Mechanical Activities- Investment



Mechanical Activities- Execution



Periodic Inspection and Audits During Various Stages of Installation



PESO (Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization) License



NOC and Statuary Approval from Local Authorities



Please note the location of the Auto LPG station plays a key role for the business volume. The land should be at a prominent roadside location with higher vehicular movement and easy access. Please share the details of your proposed location with land details (whether owned, leased or it’s to be found out)

As a next step, you are requested to confirm your interest by giving a call to our Sales Manager Mr. [executive_name], Mobile No: [executive_contact], E-Mail Id: [executive_mail] within 7 days of receiving this email.

To know more about SUPERGAS, please visit

We once again thank you for your interest and look forward to hear from you for taking the next step forward.


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