2KG LPG Cylinder with Cooktop

Not keeping well because of eating outside food daily? Need an LPG cylinder to cook for yourself? Transferred to a new location? Getting a Gas connection -is it a challenge? SUPERGAS offers you a solution - The new 2kg LPG Cylinder with Cooktop(stove).

  •                             on-spot-connection

                          Low Refill Price

  •                              Safe


  •                              quality-assured

                    Assured Quality & Quantity

  •                              hassle-free-services

                          Hassle- free Services

Safety features:

  • ISI approval for both Cylinder and Cooktop
  • Approved by Government of India’s Explosives department
  • Periodic testing of Cylinders
  • Mention of tare weight on Cylinder
  • Mention of Batch and Serial No

Advantages of SUPERGAS

  • Low refill price
  • Safe
  • Assured quality and quantity
  • Refundable Cylinder Deposit
  • Minimal documentation
  • Available off the shelf ( both new and refill connection)

Let us know about your requirement for new 2kg LPG cylinder with Cooktop by clicking on the “Online Enquiry” or give us a missed call on 9537522174 for our expert team to get in touch with you.

Disclaimer: Customers should exercise due diligence and care before proceeding to make any payment to the Franchisees, to avoid fraud. Also our Franchisees never ask your bank credentials such as OTP, UPIN Number, ATM/bank passwords etc., for getting a new domestic connection. SUPERGAS shall not be liable in any manner in this regard.

New Connection Details

100% Refundable Deposit ₹ 550
Cooktop ₹ 650
Franchisee Administration Charges ₹ 100
Gas Cost* as per state