Benefits of LPG for Vehicle

Reduced carbon emission and high savings of up to 40% over petrol have led to Auto LPG becoming most widely used alternative fuel for automobiles. Free of any impurities, Auto LPG burns clean and emits very low carbon and soots – meaning improved engine life and performance.

Benefits of Auto LPG :

  • Clean fuel, significantly reduces harmful emission such as CO2, oxides of sulphur and nitrogen and suspended particulate matter.

  • Saves up to 30-40% of fuel bill compared to petrol without compromising on driving performance.

  • Pure and Tamper proof.

  • Smooth and consistent vehicle performance.

  • Reduced engine noise and vibration.

  • Improved engine life and reduced recurring maintenance cost.

  • Conveniently located dispensing stations for easy filling.

  • Flexibility for dual use of Auto LPG and Petrol.

If you wish to save on fuel cost and are concerned about the harmful effects of emission on the environment, then Auto LPG is your best choice. Conversion from Petrol to LPG is easy and accessibility is not a hassle because dispensing stations are conveniently located.