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Advancing Energy Together: Lowering carbon emission throughout the value chain

As a player in the Energy Industry and a leader in the Global LPG supply, we recognize our responsibility and important role we can play for lowering carbon emission and betterment of the environment. We are driving Sustainability together with all our stakeholders because it’s a must, it pays off and more importantly we want it; as the old Kenyan proverb says “Treat the Earth well. It is not inherited from your parents; it is borrowed from your children”.


    Measuring Carbon Footprint

  • SAFE

    Lowering Carbon Footprint by 25%


    Reduce the Carbon Impact


    Renewables by 2020

Through our sustainability initiatives we aim for:

  • Making a difference as an LPG company  (energy efficient products and services)
  • Growing our business to add value for our people, customers and our planet (convert customers to LPG from polluting liquid and solid fuels)
  • Adopt sustainable behavior and help others to emulate  (optimized processes and automation)