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Our Journey

Since inception in 1996, SUPERGAS has grown steadily, overcame many challenges, achieved numerous milestones, and in the process has become a leading LPG supplier in Indian LPG industry.

All through the journey, we have adhered to our value system with a strong belief and unwavering passion to excel through technical solutions, innovation and customer service. With our vast experience, we fully leverage the capabilities of our resources and people to strengthen our position in the industry.

Summary of our achievements and milestones:

In 1993, the Government of India opened up the LPG sector to private players with a plan involving phased removal of subsidies on domestic LPG usage. As the need began to grow in both domestic and non-domestic use of LPG, SHV Netherlands saw an opportunity to enter the LPG market in India. Thus SHV India was born in 1995. We went about setting up LPG business from the Greenfield stage by constructing LPG import terminals, and began operations in West Region (Ahmadabad) and South Region (Hyderabad). During 1996-98, several filling plants were set up and franchisee distribution network was extended. Infrastructure was developed to expand and grow the business in various parts of the country.

Continuous innovation and technical expertise have been the twin engines that drove
SUPERGAS towards achieving many Firsts in Indian LPG market.

In 2003, we launched the Liquid off Take (LOT) LPG Cylinders for the first time in India, thus firming up our Knowledge Leadership position in the Indian LPG industry. Safer and efficient Forklift LOT (FLOT) cylinders customised for the Forklift trucks were introduced for the First time in India in 2009. Following soon was SUPER LOT – an advanced version of LOT with a fully automated Changeover Device that enables efficient and convenient use of LPG.

In 2010, we began to offer services for designing, installing and commissioning of LPG storage solutions for our industrial and commercial customers. The same year also saw us achieving two more remarkable milestones: Launch of SUPER LOT Plus, an innovative product that incorporates Heater less Vaporizer which saves electrical energy and reduces carbon footprints and our acquisition of Caltex Gas ( Subsidiary of Chevron Corporation ).

From the beginning, SUPERGAS is involved in community development programs by building schools and helping the underprivileged in the society. Since 2011, all our CSR activities are being actively carried out under the SUPERGAS Foundation.

At SUPERGAS, we continuously look for ways to make a difference to our customers, and the communities we live and operate in. We also innovate to come up with solutions that lower the impact on our planet.